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Sorry to be making this update a bit late, but a lot has been happening lately.  I’m very happy to announce that I’ve joined Human Events as a full-time writer!  My first essay has been posted at

The Mind of America

I’ve also posted a farewell to Hot Air, my blogging home since April 2009, which you can read here.

Since I’m writing exclusively for Human Events now, Im not sure what will become of this web site.  Ill continue posting links to Human Events as my work appears there, and would invite everyone to join the discussion in their comment forums.  My role there will be expanding in the next few weeks.  Ill be writing a lot more.

I greatly appreciate the high quality of discourse produced by readers of this web site.  Keeping my day job running has made it hard for me to participate in the discussions, but now that writing will be my day job, I hope I can do so more frequently.  I would like to proudly invite everyone to join the discussion at Human Events.  They are a revered institution of conservative thought, and they’ve expressed remarkable faith in me.  Im determined to prove myself worthy of their trust, and bring further honor to their name.  This is a dream come true, and everyone who left such kind and thoughtful comments here, during the past year, helped to make it come true.  I hope to bring further honor to all of you, as well.