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Woman doing hip flexor exerciseMany people don’t know the most basic details about hip flexors, even though they may easily be the most important muscles in the human body. Also known as psoas (pronounced as SO-as), hip flexors are a group of muscles that is involved in virtually every move your body makes– from running, sitting, standing, riding a bike, walking, working out, or any other activity.

The reason why they are involved in all body movements is because they are the primary connectors between your legs and torso. This position also makes them the primary muscles for stabilizing your spine, and by default, determining your posture, regardless of the position you assume.

Basically they’re in charge of how you stand, move, and why you sometimes are unable to move. A huge job for one set of muscles. They are also the deepest set of muscles in your entire core, meaning that they’re connected to virtually all of your other body parts, something we’re not taught in school.

The psoas muscles are in fact two different sets of muscles. The first is the psoas major, and the other is the iliacus muscle. Both are attached to the femur and lumber vertebrae, and play vital roles, including:

• Providing the primary support for your core structure.
• Connecting the lower half of your body to the upper half.
• Providing the body with balance.
• Supporting the spine, which means they influence how strong your spine is.
• Controlling all the big movements of your body.
• Play a role in determining your emotional well-being.

So to put it simply, your hip flexors are at the center of every movement in your body. On top of that, they also have secondary functions when it comes to regulating your emotions.

For them to serve their purpose effectively, your hip flexors need to be flexible, not tight. Remember that they are muscles just like any other, and that means if you don’t exercise them they will tighten and start to lose their strength and flexibility. When this happens, you’ll start to notice symptoms like back pain, lack of core stability, pain in the legs, weakening of surrounding muscles, weight gain, breathing problems, and many other health risks.

These negative effects can actually turn fatal if ignored.

The good news is that there is a way to avoid all this simply following a workout program designed specifically to target your psoas muscles. One workout designed especially with your hip flexors in mind, which has been gaining recognition and popularity worldwide lately is the ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program’ created by Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal. Unlike to other traditional workout routines that ignore psoas muscles, this particular one is tailored to exercise them with utmost effectiveness. This means you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. If you’re feeling stiff and don’t know why, its worth finding out more about the program to see if it’s something that can help you restore flexibility, energy, and vitality into your daily life.